Una Rose -- Film

Film — “Beauty Magic” / “Yolk, Yokes, and Ovaries”


Beauty Magic

Beauty Magic is a surreal social guidance film about hair, makeup, poise, and glamour. The film explores decoration, the body, feminism, and American pop culture by framing cakes, snack foods, and jello molds as stand-ins for the female body.

The film stars a set of anonymous female hands wearing ostentatious false nails decorated with everything from miniature (real) jello molds, to lit birthday candles, and gummi hamburgers. Over the course of the film, viewers witness the hands acting out, step by step, a string of clumsy attempts to decorate and “beautify” the objects and food featured. These visuals are accompanied by music and an original script — which is composed of fragments taken verbatim from real-life social guidance films of the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s.

Beauty Magic is a humorous cultural critique. It provides commentary on the absurdity of decoration, especially when it relates to our own bodies. It is meant to question the purpose of arbitrary rules, and the extravagant procedures involved in the ornamentation and beautification of the female face, hair, hands, and figure.

Written, Directed, Filmed, and Produced: Úna Rose
Hands: Heidi Rose
Voice: Williejane Dent
Assistant: Sage Gonzalez
Thanks to: Lily Reed and Oliver Wilson
Music: Beethoven's Concerto No 5 in E-flat Major, Preformed by Clifford Curzon and the
London Philharmonic Orchestra.


Yolk, Yokes, and Ovaries

A short film originally made as part of a 2015 video installation. 
Inspired by Mike Kelley's "Banana Man," and Georges Bataille's "The Story of the Eye."

Costume, Direction, Filming, and Editing: Úna Rose
Model: Nikki Davis
Assistant: Tayja Danger